Clickky team loves hanging out together! That’s why we have picked one of the sunny weekends to try ourselves in rafting.

The first half of Clickky teamThe second half of Clickky team
















The day started early because we had to take a really long ride to the river. Our sleepyheads weren’t delighted to come to the office at quarter to seven. Luckily, no one has overslept so we have started our journey right on time.  The ride was pretty long so we had a chance to sleep for another few hours.

Clickky team is riding the bus to the river

Our instructors were really good at telling and demonstrating us how we were supposed to behave. They have covered everything: how to hold the oar, what to do if we fall out of the raft, how to drag someone back to the raft, etc. The best part was that the instructors were going with us, so we were not afraid of the river. It didn’t save us from falling out, though! Personally, I suspect that swimming was a part of the script as it turned to be real fun.

After all the exercise we were not just tired. We were as hungry as a hunter! Luckily, our wonderful HR department girls have taken care of everything. A real feast was waiting for us at the end of the track. Trust me, barbecue tastes amazing if you have it after a long day of having fun.

A small feast of Clickky team

Another outcome of our trip was a really nice surprise for all of us. We have got out of the town so we had some unexpected encounters with the nature. It was only a friendly cow, a few lizards and some nasty mosquitoes. But you don’t get to see them in the city – well, except for mosquitoes, unfortunately. Obviously, we were thrilled.

Playing with a lizardChamomile flowersLena Volova meets a friendly cow

Finally, we had a small present for the ladies. Our photographer didn’t have too much to do so everyone has got a photo shoot in wild flowers. It was the perfect ending of a great day.

Olga OvoshchnykovaAlena SmirnovaNadya Babienko, Helen Bantovskaya and Alena Smirnova