There are several solutions of how to monetize mobile game with four major approaches: freemium, paymium, paid apps and advertising model.

Freemium games are free to install. Nevertheless a gamer can purchase boosts, extra timings, in-game currency and other things to improve gameplay.

Paymium games are sold for comparatively small amount of money and offer an opportunity to buy extra functions and instruments via in-app purchase. As with «Freemium», this model provides an opportunity of game app monetization via annual updates and upgrades with new functions.

Paid apps. It is very important to put the right price using this tactic.

Advertising model usually means mobile game app monetization solely by ad views, though it can be combined with freemium strategy tactics, like selling ad removal.

What is important in game app monetization with ads

There is no ideal receipt of how to get money from mobile game. Any app requires an individual approach. Despite of which mobile game monetization strategy you choose, to achieve a real revenue from your mobile game monetization model you need to think over when, where and how the ads are displayed. Ads should always be offered as an integral part of your game. Annoying ads can ruin your app and lead to loss the majority of possible click-throughs. Therefore make sure, that the ads are targeted properly and you have chosen the right ad format.

App analytics are vital for analysing user behavior and estimating ad campaign efficiency.

Advertising formats

Clickky’s Platform can provide you with a wide range of ad formats for mobile game ad monetization. All formats are available for iOS and Android:

  • Native Ads are online ads, in-built into the app design, offering user-engaging content. Your customers can enjoy their experience with your app while you are making money, so no more need to interrupt their in-game experience. All standard sizes of Native Ads are available at Clikky.
  • Video ads have high engagement and eCPM rates and they are quickly gaining popurarity.
  • Banner ads are the oldest, relatively cheap and easy to produce ad format. They could be a great solution if you want to get some fast exposure. Banner offer use precise targeting based on past online behavior.
  • Interstitials are full-screen ads covering the whole application interface. It is the most clickable ad format, that offers the highest eCPM rates and high engagement rate.
  • AppWalls are full-screen ads, that are displayed directly on your app. They provide high eCPM and user engagement rates. AppWall also could be useful for your other apps promotion. It is a relatively new format, but it is rapidly growing.