Mobile industry is rapidly growing and it is paramount to keep up with the changes. Therefore, we have prepared a list of key terms for you. Clickky Thesaurus is a digest of mobile marketing terms, created to provide everyone with a basic knowledge of the industry.
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Ad Unit: Any predefined advertising vehicle that can appear in an app or on a mobile website. For example, a rectangular banner is considered to be a common type of ad unit.
Ad Network: A company that connects advertisers to publishers. The network model aggregates many different publishers into one generic ad buy, usually at steep discount. 
Audience Targeting: The practice of using data to imply an audience, either by demography, life stage or intent. One example is targeting people who have searched for information on  a cars  or mobile phones.  
Big Data: A term used to describe a data driven approach to business. The Big Data approach stresses the use of data and quantitative analysis as the primary factor in business decision making.