We are pleased to introduce the Clickky CPI Index, which shows the current state of market demand. The Index is calculated for different countries, two OSes (iOS, Android), non-incent traffic and different categories. The Clickky CPI Index May ’16 overview shows accumulated data from 186 187 Android and 29 936 iOS ad campaigns.

The analysis shows the general market statistics and exactly how much advertisers are ready to pay for their installs. Average CPI by country May ’16 figure data also shows the changes in CPI compared to April ’16. All the graphs below are based on Clickky advertising campaign data.

Average CPI by country May ’16


The data reveals that the cost of app installs for iOS and Android varies greatly for different countries. Italy, USA and Japan have the highest average cost per iOS mobile app install. In May compared to April cost per iOS app install shows some decline for all countries, besides Italy (+$0.18). The most significant in absolute indicators it is for Argentina (-$0.79). On the other hand, in April 2016 CPI for Android showed growth rate for about 50% represented countries. The most significant in absolute indicators it is for Argentina (+$0.17). The both iOS and Android positive growth rate is in Italy (in April: China, Argentina, Canada, Israel, Russia, Brazil, Turkey). The both iOS and Android negative growth rate is in Germany, India, Indonesia, South Korea and UAE (in April: Egypt). We will take a closer look at how an app’s category influences app CPI in different countries.


Average payout (Android and iOS CPI comparison for non-incent ads) in the United States


In the United States, shopping the last month was the only category where Android CPI has been slightly higher than iOS CPI. In May, Android shows twice+ larger cost per install than iOS for Business, Education, Music & Audio. Advertisers in the U.S. are ready to pay $1+ for the iOS categories: Games, Lifestyle, Travel and Local. Both for Android and iOS the cheapest is Health & Fitness similar to April.